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DIY Small Batch of Butter

My first blog post is now ready to share! Learn how to make your own personal batch of medicated butter using a simple recipe. It's fairly simple but does require a lot of time, patience and attention. Feel free to comment, ask questions & share your experience with the recipe!



2lb butter

2oz trimming

Crock Pot

Cheese Cloth

Slotted spoon

Large Jar/Container


  1. Place trimming into oven safe pan and bake for 30min on 200F to decarboxylate.

  2. Turn crock pot on the lowest setting in the mean time and place butter inside. Allow to melt completely for 30-35min. Skim the top for fat afterwards.

  3. Combine baked trimmings with butter. Make certain to mix in thoroughly. Allow mixture to simmer for 1 hour and stir.

  4. Place the top back on the pot and allow to simmer for 10-11 more hours. Check the butter mixture every hour or so to stir and make sure that the product isn’t burning/burnt. The mixture should not bubble or sizzle at anytime. If so, you may have burned the product. (I highly recommend finishing the process even if so as a learning experience.)

  5. Turn crock pot off and allow mixture to cool for about 10min with the top off. Begin to pour mixture into a cheese cloth covered container or jar to strain small contents of trimmings. Restrain if necessary.

  6. Pour mixture into final jar/container and allow to cool in fridge for 2-3 hours before using. Makes about 20-22oz of butter.